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HAAS CNC Lathe Preparatory Functions

HAAS CNC Lathe Preparatory Functions
Haas CNC Lathe G Codes
G00        Rapid Position Motion
G01        Linear Interpolation Motion OR Linear Motion, Chamfer and Corner Rounding – Modal
G02        CW Circulation Interpolation Motion – Modal
G03        CCW Circular Interpolation Motion – Modal
G04        Dwell (P) P=Seconds. Milliseconds
G05        Fine Spindle Control Motion (Live Tooling) – Optional
G09        Exact Stop
G10        Programmable Offset Setting
G14        Main-Spindal / Sub-Spindle Swap – Optional
G15        Main-Spindal / Sub-Spindle Swap Cancel – Optional
G17        Circular Motion XYZ Plane Selection Live Tooling (G02, G03) – Modal, Optional
G18        Circular Motion ZX Plane Selection (G02, G03)
G19        Circular Motion YZ Plane Selection Live Tooling (G02, G03) – Modal/Optional
G20        Verify Inch Coordinate Positioning
G21        Verify Metric Coordinate Positioning – Modal
G28        Rapid to machine zero return through Ref. Point
G29        Move to Location Through G29 Ref. Point
G31        Feed Until skip Function – Optional
G32        Thread cutting path – Modal
G40        Tool Nose Compensation Cancel G41/G42
G41        Tool Nose Compensation, Left – Modal
G42        Tool Nose Compensation, Right – Modal
G50        Spindle Speed Maximum RPM Limit (S) – Modal
G51        Rapid to Machine zero, Cancel offset
G52        Work offset Positioning Coordinate OR Global Work Offset Coordinate System Shift – Modal
G53        Machine Zero Positioning Coordinate
G54        Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #1
G55        Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #2 – Modal
G56        Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #3 – Modal
G57        Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #4 – Modal
G58        Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #5 – Modal
G59        Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #6 – Modal
G61        Exact Stop – Modal
G64        Exact Stop G61 Cancel
G65        Macro Sub-Routine Call – Optional
G70       Finishing Cycle
G71        O.D. / I.D. Stock Removal Cycle Example
G72        End Face Stock Removal Cycle
G73        Irregular Path Stock Removal Cycle
G74        Face Grooving OR High Speed Peck Drill Cycle
G75        Peck Grooving Cycle O.D. or I.D.
G76        Threading Cycle, Multiple Pass O.D. / I.D.
G77        Live Tooling Flatting Cycle – Optional
G80        Cancel Canned Cycle
G81        Drill Canned Cycle – Modal
G82        Spot Drill / Counterbore Canned Cycle – Modal
G83        Peck Drill Deep Hole Canned Cycle – Modal
G84        Tapping Canned Cycle – Modal
G85        Bore In-Bore Out Canned Cycle – Modal
G86        Bore In-Stop-Rapid Out Canned Cycle – Modal
G87        Bore In-Stop-Manual Retract Canned Cycle – Modal
G88        Bore In-Dwell-Manual Retract Canned Cycle – Modal
G89        Bore In-Dwell-Bore-out Canned Cycle – Modal
G90        O.D. / I.D. Turning Cycle – Modal
G92        Threading Cycle – Modal
G94        End Facing Cycle – Modal
G95        Live Tooling End Face Rigid Tap – Modal/Optional
G96        Constant Surface speed, CSS On – Modal
G97        Constant Non-Varying Spindle Speed, CSS Off (S)
G98        Feed Per Minute (F) – Modal
G99        Feed Per Revolution (F)
G100     Mirror Image Cancel G101
G101      Mirror Image
G102      Programmable Output to RS-232
G103      Limit Block Lookahead
G105      Servo Bar Command – Optional
G110-G111 Work Offset-positioning Coordinate #7-#8 – Modal
G112      Cartesian to Polar Transformation – Optional
G113      Cartesian to Polar Transformation Cancel – Optional
G114-G129 Work Offset Positioning Coordinate #9-#24 – Modal
G154      Select Work Offset Positioning Coordinate P1-99 (P) – Modal
G159      Background Pickup / Part Return – Optional
G160      APL Axis Command On – Optional
G161      APL Axis Command Off – Optional
G184      Reverse Tapping Canned Cycle – Modal
G186      Live Tooling Reverse Rigid Tap – Optional
G187      Accuracy Control for High Speed Machining (E)
G194      Sub-Spindle / Tapping Canned Cycle – Modal
G195      Live Tooling Radial Tapping – Optional
G196      Live Tooling Radial Tapping Reverse – Optional
G200      Index on the Fly
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